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Types of Anime with Target Audience

Both Cartoons and comics drawing purposefully designed for humor. Today most of the cartoonic images are used at social media to express different feelings and thoughts. If you are reacting anger, wrath, smile, gag, winkle, joy etc you can express it with a single one image. The cartoons are also published in the e paper, newspaper, magazine and novels. The cartoons in the newspaper are purely published to portray the image of Political situations.

There are many newspaper and Magazine which publish cartoons on the daily basis. As per French.  It is also to be said the cartoon word was derived from a piece of drawing made on solid piece of paper . The agenda of Comic books is same like cartoons. Both are drawn for the same purpose.

Sometimes cartoon are used for the strike, protest and controversies. By the September 30 2005 some of the anti Islamic cartoonic images published in the Danish Newspaper, So around the world whole Muslim united and protested against such an humiliation of Islam. There was a record boycott against the Danish Newspaper around the world by the Muslim Community.

Detail of Anime Types

Today the word cartoons is replaced with the anime. Kids love to say anime instead of cartoon. Because in the 21st Century the animated cartoons done a great job. Kids love to watch only animated cartoons today. Even mature young ones are also interested in the anime cartoons. Anime word is derived from animation. Outside the Japan word anime is used for animated cartoons as well as animated movies. In Japan this word represent all types of animated movies and cartoons either domestic or commercial.

In the old age animations drawn by hand on paper or some masses. But Now a days technological revolution has provided the solution. Now animations are drawn through different devices and software with outstanding techniques. The art of animation is very important by the lot of aspects. Today Animation is used in movies, series, cartoonic movies, books, novels, magazines, newspapers, computer games, videos, advertisement.

Its true that Japanese introduced animation around the world. By the 1917 Japanese animated cartoons produced in the industry.

Another fact is the manga and anime having same agenda. Both are same but with the different recognition because both often transferred through different medium.

Anime are categorized as per different audience groups such as, Shoujo for the girls, Shounen for the boys, Kodomo for kids and a wide variety for the mature or adult audience. One thing more Shounen and Shoujo having some sort of same elements so the girls and boys both overlap on this content.

Those anime series which is produced for the adult audience is bit complex and not easy to understand by the young audience because of adult agendas and situations. There are also pornography in the adults anime's which deem not fit for the kids and young ones. On the other hand a diverse number of anime sub genres aired online with the sexual content around the world but without the intercourse scenes. On the other hand such genres are very popular around the world. An example here i will code the comedy and harem genres very popular among st the adult viewers. There is a great fan for such animes.

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History of Cartoon, Scope and Application

Cartoons is a two dimensional illustration, cartoons is a simple drawing that shows the gestures of its subset in a way of humor. It is exaggerated way to represent a drawing. An animated cartoon can be film for television an cinema. This shows different gesture of anything in a sequence by using sequential drawing. Cartoon animation got great fame in the industry of TV commercials due to its graphic attraction and humor as well. 

The program compelling of TV animation process, most probably issue of resource management led to the various techniques known as limited animation. Full Frame animation are not been used now a days. Cartoons were earlier confined to television but today is great work of cartoon animation using three dimensional technology is touching peak of success. Not only in America and other western countries the work of animation is progressing also in eastern countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, India etc.

Animation Industry Revolution 

In past the cartoon movies like Scooby Doo, Bentin, Snow white, Cinderella, Beauty an beast and lots more were of great popularity. Now a days other animated movies like shreak, ice age, grave , Frozen, minions and kung fu panda are most popular.

Complete History of Cartoon

On the other hand cartoons are also very effective communicator. Cartoons can conduct a message far more quickly than a written form. Mostly Public service communication contains cartoon to convey their message. This helps the illiterate and tounie to understand or grasp the meaning of message. The message is conveyed in seconds and without the need of lengthy explanation. Cartoon also help us to get rid of many sort of worries. These are a way to relax in extremely dull or loading meetings. They act as ice breaker uniting your audience with humor and pleasure shared communication. The skill of cartoonist is not simply the ability to draw well. it is ability to ticker an idea into images. 

Now a days also most of the scientific studies based on animated videos. The colored and car tonic illustration of something help someone to get a point more clearly. The cartoon animation of DNA processing in molecular biology is of great importance. Different software are designed for self animation of DNA structure. This helps the instructors to easily convey his knowledge without doing too much hectic explanation. 

All the above aspects clearly depict but the cartoons were playing vital role not only in television industry as a source of humor but also in scientific studies to ensure the integrity of research.

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